Hi there, My computer makes a strange jingle noise "ba doop, ba doop" then it will freeze for a couple seconds and unfreeze. My mouse will not work etc. It will do this pretty much with any.

Misc Hardware. Laptop fan making noise and computer freezes and seems slugish. it up? I am on a Toshiba Laptop Satellite A75-S226 P4 3.07ghz and 1.37g of RAM.

I even tried reformating my computer, which didn't help (and during a few times, the computer even did the click noise and froze when it was in the re-activation process...

The computer completely freezes then the speakers make a loud ear-splitting noise. It requires a hard shutdown to get it to turn off. Posted: Nov 3, 2009 5:33 PM in response to...

computer freezes and makes noise. hArd drive making scratchy noise. what to do when trojan virus freezes comp. computer freeze lock. computer freezes detecting ide drives.

[ optical(cd/dvd) drives ]... getting computer parts from major mfrs. [ Power Supplies (PSUs) ]... computer gone crazy/weirdness. Computer freezes up. how to clean the cpu cooler. no power. no video. computer making strange noises.

Tired Of Having Computer Problems? Is your computer freezing up, rebooting, or slow? Your hard drive making noise, won't defrag? Spam & Viruses driving you crazy? Need some new hardware or software installed?

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Cause. This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities. recently such as a high squealing, this could indicate a fan may...

It could be a simple fix like a loose connection or an. unplugged power cord. Computer freezes up while using it - Common causes are spyware, viruses, not only be coming from.

BleepingComputer.com: Computer randomly freezes and starts making loud noises. Jump to content. crashing sound and the keyboard and mouse doesn't respond at all.

pc makes loud noise freezes. 360 lite-on schreech sound. 360 liteon drive making a awful screech noise. now is 10:53.

How Do I Troubleshoot a Computer That Freezes & Makes a Machine Gun Noise?. almost always an indication of a failing hard drive.

Computer freezes up while using it - Common causes are spyware, viruses, not enough memory, hard drive problems, low disk only be coming from something that is physically moving.

Then my computer kept freezing and making that same clicking noise over and over at some times! I tried my XP disk but it would just freeze and click at me 0_o!!! Finally after 1 million attempts at restarting I got into safe mode, it loaded ;D...

There are quite a few things that can make a computer of any brand make freeze and make noise. cooling fan may not be doing its job.

Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Help Board » Hardware » ...All the Rest » Computer freezes with repeated clicking noise. 1.5 seconds. By about the second or third click the...

PCWorld Forums: Computer Keeps Randomly Freezing And Makes Strange Whirring Noises? randomly freezing while making strange whirring noises.

Make money by mailing postcards, Websites to make outdoor gear, Wife makes me masturbate. freezes whenever i plug in any USB devices.

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